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  • Hyster Named Finalist for an International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award

    GREENVILLE, N.C. (Feb. 06, 2020) – The Hyster® J60XNL with integrated lithium-ion power has been named a finalist for the International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) award. The J60XNL breaks new ground as the first counterbalanced lift truck engineered around a fully integrated lithium-ion battery pack.

    “While counterbalanced lift trucks with lithium-ion power are available, they come in the form of battery box replacements,” says James Nielson, Product Manager, Hyster Company. “We took a different approach. The J60XNL is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the form factor of lithium-ion battery power, freeing space in the operator compartment and reducing truck weight for significant ergonomic and efficiency benefits.”

    The Hyster J60XNL weighs over 700 pounds less than the equivalent lead-acid battery powered model and has a lower center of gravity, offering improved acceleration and maneuverability, while reducing energy consumption. It also offers a lowered seat and floor plate, making entry and exit easier and adding 3.5 inches of head room, while still accommodating a taller seat with air suspension for a more comfortable ride. The integrated lithium-ion design also offers more space under the operator seat to provide increased freedom to position feet during operation.

    The Hyster J60XNL brings all the benefits of lithium-ion power to a counterbalanced forklift, including efficiency gains, no battery maintenance requirements, consistent power delivery and long battery life. Opportunity charging and the ability to fully charge in approximately one hour make lithium-ion power an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications. The lithium-ion battery technology is also FDA compliant, with zero emissions in operation and no gassing during the charging process, making it a strong choice for operations subject to high hygiene standards, like food, beverage and pharmaceuticals. The battery can also communicate with the truck and adjust performance based on operating temperature, allowing the J60XNL to operate in a wider range of temperatures than other lithium-ion products.

    The J60XNL is known as the Hyster J3.0XNL integrated lithium-ion counterbalanced forklift in Europe. The IFOY competition enters the evaluation phase in February, with testing of all nominated products for productivity, energy efficiency, safety, ergonomics, design and more.

    About Hyster Company

    Hyster Company is a leading world-wide lift truck designer and manufacturer. Hyster Company offers 130 lift truck models configured for gasoline, LPG, diesel and electric power, with one of the widest capacity ranges in the industry — from 2,000 to 105,000 lbs. Supported by one of the industry’s largest and most experienced dealer networks, Hyster Company builds tough, durable lift trucks that deliver high productivity, low total cost of ownership, easy serviceability and advanced ergonomic features, accompanied by outstanding parts, service and training support.

    Hyster Company is a division of Hyster-Yale Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. (NYSE:HY). Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. and its subsidiaries, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, employ more than 7,800 people world-wide.

    # # #

    Company Contact:
    Jeremy Cayton
    Hyster Company

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  • Combilift Nominated in Two 2020 IFOY Award Categories

    For the second year in a row Combilift is a finalist in the IFOY Awards – one of the most prestigious and hotly contested international awards in the materials handling industry. The company is the only manufacturer to have two of its products nominated for a 2020 IFOY Award (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) which honors the best products and solutions of the year.

    The Combi-CBE8000 is a finalist in the Special Vehicle Category. This 8000 lb. capacity electric powered, all-wheel drive forklift incorporates compact counterbalance design with multi-directional capability for the versatile handling of mixed sized loads. It features the company’s internationally patented independent electric traction (EP.2956350) which provides all front and rear drive wheels with 100% traction control, therefore negating the need for differential lock on slippery surfaces. By inputting the wheel-base parameters, the traction commands are calculated by the control system. As the truck drives and steers, the speed and rotational direction of the wheels are controlled independently, allowing the truck to negotiate tight turns with no tire wear.

    The Combi-CS has been nominated in the Warehouse Truck Lowlifter Category. It is the only pedestrian counterbalance stacker that will operate in a conventional reach truck aisle for space saving and productive storage and handling. It features Combilift’s unique, internationally patented and award-winning multi-position tiller arm which can be turned to the left or right of the unit to position the rear drive wheel, allowing the operator to remain at the side of the machine rather than at the rear as is the case with other pedestrian stackers. This ensures optimum visibility of the load and surroundings as well as guaranteeing maximum safety in areas where other personnel or members of the public may be present.

    The competition will enter its next round when finalists undergo the IFOY audit and innovation check by industry experts in mid-February in Hanover, Germany. 27 journalists from leading logistics media from 19 countries will also personally test and evaluate the nominated equipment for qualities such as technology, design, ergonomics, safety, marketability, customer benefit and sustainability.

    “Following the nomination of the Combi-PPT powered pallet truck last year, we are delighted that the IFOY committee has recognized two of our innovative products as being worthy of finalist status in 2020,” said Combilift CEO and Co-founder Martin McVicar.

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  • Winning the War on Talent - MHEDA Networking Summit

    MHEDA Networking Summit

    February 6, 2020

    “Winning the War on Talent”

    Gregory Poole is happy to host fellow MHEDA Members on Thursday, February 6th for a one-day industry networking summit. Only $99 per person. Enjoy dynamic presentations, catered lunch, tour of our facility, Give Back Event and more! Click here to learn more.

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  • New ANSI Standard Covers MEWP Training & Safe Use

    The ANSI A92 Standard

    ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, is a private, nonprofit organization that develops consensus standards and assessment systems across many U.S. industries. While they apply specifically to products in the United States, these standards are used as guidelines and best practices around the world.

    With the last major changes to ANSI standards in the access industry taking place more than a decade ago in 2006, it was time for an update. The new ANSI A92 standard was developed to improve safety and efficiency for the design and use of MEWPs (MOBILE ELEVATING WORK PLATFORMS), formerly known as Aerial Work Platforms. The updated ANSI A92 suite of design, safe use and training standards was published in the U.S. on Dec. 10, 2018 and will be officially effective in December 2019. These new standards more closely align North American standards requirements with current ISO standards.

    Effects on Manufacturers, Owners and Operators

    Within ANSI A92, there are three standards affecting the MEWP industry and its stakeholders—the A92.20, covering design; the A92.22, covering safe use; and the A92.24, covering training. Notably, manufacturers must address design changes that impact MEWP wind ratings, chassis angle and load capacity.

    Under these new standards, MEWPs are classified differently. MEWPs are divided into Group A for those with platforms that move vertically but stay inside the tipping line, and Group B for all other MEWPs – typically, boom-type equipment where the platform extends past the tipping line.

    Within each of these groups, machines are separated into types: Type 1 for those that travel only in the stowed position, Type 2 for those that can travel while elevated but controlled from the chassis, and Type 3 for those that can travel while elevated but controlled from the work platform.

    When it comes to safe use and training, machine owners and operators will have their own sets of responsibilities with which to comply. Dealers and rental companies will need to update their training procedures and onboarding manuals to support new requirements and train employees on new machine features and the new standards. They must also offer familiarization to customers who rent, lease or buy this equipment.

    Owners and operators must meet all new training requirements, participate in extensive planning to consider machine choice and application, and perform site risk assessments for all MEWP operations and training procedures.

    Anyone qualified under current standards will not be qualified under the new standards until they undergo additional training. While current regulations require all operators in the industry to go through safety training, the new standards will require everyone who supervises MEWP operators to also be trained and possess in-depth knowledge of the equipment. Examples of the knowledge required by occupants includes being well-informed about hazards associated with MEWPs, unsafe ground conditions or electrical hazards, and how to properly lower the machine in case something happens to the operator.

    Operator training can be broken down into three segments: theory, practice and evaluation. The theory segment can be learned in a classroom or online and includes training on the entire safe-use standard and its application to each machine. The practice segment includes applying this knowledge for proper hands-on experience and machine operation. The evaluation segment includes proper documentation of success in the previous two training segments.

    The Time is Now

    ANSI A92 standards were published a year in advance of the December 2019 effective date, giving companies a year to become compliant. Many companies have already begun to implement these changes. However, many have not even started.

    From a training and safe-use perspective, there is no reason to wait until that deadline gets closer. Everyone involved with MEWPs – no matter the industry – should start implementing the safe use policies and practices right now.

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    Raleigh, NC – Gregory Poole Lift Systems has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2020, based on their accomplishments in 2019. For the tenth consecutive year, since the Award’s inception, Gregory Poole Lift Systems has earned an MVP Award from the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association).

    Award recipients must satisfy a rigorous set of criteria with less than 10% of the association’s membership earning the award. As a 2020 MVP, Gregory Poole Lift Systems has successfully demonstrated a commitment to business excellence, professionalism and good stewardship.

    To qualify for the annual MVP Award companies are required to provide evidence of their commitment to their partners in business including their customers, employees and suppliers. They must satisfy criteria in the following important areas:

    • Industry Advocacy
    • Customer Service & Safety Practices
    • Business Networking
    • Continuing Education
    • Business Best Practices

    “To receive the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for 2020 is a great honor that we at Gregory Poole Lift Systems take immense pride in. We have received this award for ten consecutive years now, making us one of only a handful of distributors in the US to achieve this honor. We continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our business and look forward to exceeding expectations for years to come.” - Hal Ingram, Group Vice President

    “Achievement of MHEDA’s MVP status represents members who have demonstrated a commitment to their business and its employees, their industry and also to the communities within which they serve,” said Mike Vaughn, 2019 MHEDA Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer of Liftech Equipment Companies in East Syracuse, NY.

    Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Gregory Poole Lift Systems is a full-service provider of material handling solutions throughout eastern North and South Carolina, Virginia and portions of West Virginia. For more information about Gregory Poole Lift Systems, please visit

    The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) is the only national trade association dedicated solely to improving the proficiency of the independent material handling distributor. MHEDA represents close 650 companies in the material handling equipment business. Located in suburban Chicago, the association provides services to companies seeking to improve their business through education, networking, benchmarking and best practices. For more information, visit

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  • Rocky Mount Safety Achievement

    The Rocky Mount Lift Systems operation was recognized by the NC Department of Labor for Safety Excellence. Rocky Mount completed another injury free year in 2018 and was presented with a Certificate of Excellence by Secretary Cheri Berry (North Carolina Commissioner of Labor). Pictured with the Secretary are Keith Gay (Safety Steering Team Leader), Robin Skillen (Branch Manager), and Wayne Beal (Regional Operations Manager). Congratulations Rocky Mount for another injury free year!

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  • Mebane Safety Achievement

    The Mebane branch has achieved 500,000 hours without a recordable injury. That is just short of 5 years injury free for the entire branch which includes Construction, Truck and Bus, Lift Systems, Parts, and Construction Rental. It would be quite a feat if any one of those divisions were injury free for almost 5 years, but the combined branch deserves special recognition. Last Friday Greg Poole met individually with each employee that was on site and thanked them for their contribution to the Mebane Safety Culture. They were each presented with a Yeti cup that commemorates their outstanding safety achievement.
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  • 2018 Dealer of Distinction Award Recipients

    “Our entrepreneurial, exclusive and independent dealer network provides us with a definitive competitive advantage, and integral to providing the expert knowledge and support that drives customer satisfaction and attracts new business. Every year, the Dealer of Excellence recipients demonstrate their willingness to enhance capabilities and commitment to the safety of their associates, while meeting the increasingly demanding recognition criteria. The consistency in which they stand out amongst a talented network of dealers is remarkable.”

    Bob Sattler Vice President, Dealer Business Development
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  • 2018 Dealer of Excellence Recipients

    “Our entrepreneurial, exclusive and independent dealer network provides us with a definitive competitive advantage, and integral to providing the expert knowledge and support that drives customer satisfaction and attracts new business. Every year, the Dealer of Excellence recipients demonstrate their willingness to enhance capabilities and commitment to the safety of their associates, while meeting the increasingly demanding recognition criteria. The consistency in which they stand out among a talented network of dealers is remarkable.”

    Bob Sattler

    Vice President, Dealer Business Development

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  • New Motrec Burden Carriers

    New comfort meets unparalleled durability. MC-480 models get superior upgrades in all the right places.

    You spoke. We listened. And now the best burden carriers in the materials handling industry are better than ever before! There are countless hard-working folks out there who basically spend their entire work shift sitting behind the wheel of a MC-480 electric burden carrier. So, when you told us you wanted a roomier “office”, we got right on it. Our revamped MC-480 models now boast a more spacious and ergonomic driver compartment complete with tilted steering wheel with full console and taller, more comfortable premium seats. And that’s not all. While we were at it, we added a number of other value-boosting upgrades to our versatile MC-480 LD and elite MC-480 models.

    Latest upgrades to our AC powertrain MC-480 models

    • Roomier driver compartment, with an extra 3 inches of leg space for greater comfort when driving and more ease getting in and out of the vehicle
    • Premium high-back seats – far more comfortable than bucket seats
    • Improved steering, with a tilted steering column for a more ergonomic and natural driving posture to reduce operator fatigue and strain
    • Complete console on steering column to put all controls and displays conveniently right where your fingers and eyes are.
    • Longer warranty, with 3 years (or 3,000 hours) – among the best warranties in the industry
    • Extra storage & safety, with a large under-deck storage compartment (11.5 ft³) with hinged panel for easy access, as well as a 2 inch deck edge with 10 anchor points to hold cargo securely in place
    • Redesigned front bumper, with Motrec signature recessed lights and rubber bumpers to better protect the vehicle from damage
    • Smarter charging, with relocated plug for easier access and LED charge indicator to quickly see the battery’s state of charge

    For more than 30 years, Motrec has focused solely on building electric industrial vehicles that offer rugged designs and reliable performance. These upgrades are further proof why Motrec is known as the expert in horizontal transportation.

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