Pneumatic Forklift Tire

Do you need Cushion or Pneumatic Tires?

What’s the right lift truck tire? When it comes to deciding on a lift truck for your operation there are more options to think about than just power, load capacity, and mast height. What type of surface you will be using your lift truck on will determine which tire type is best. The most common…

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Lithium-Ion Tiger and Taylor-Dunn Vehicles Unlock Electrification Adoption

Anaheim, Calif., January 31, 2022 – Waev Inc. opens orders for the all-new, fully electric, lithium-ion-powered Tiger tow tractors and Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot utility vehicles. These trusted vehicles outperform internal combustion and other electric vehicles with significantly lower total cost of ownership, zero emissions, industry-first safety features and limited maintenance. Tiger and Bigfoot Li-ion vehicles knock…

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Container Handler at a port

Boost Container Handling Capacity

Boost Container Handling Capacity – Severe congestion in container yards can wreak havoc on port terminal operations and subsequent stages of the supply chain. Disarray opens the door for excess container movements, and inefficient use of container handlers can in turn lead to longer queues and waiting times for inbound ships and outbound trucks alike….

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10 Years Injury Free

The Fayetteville Lift Systems team was recognized by the NC Department of Labor for 10 years without a lost time injury. Fayetteville Safety Steering Team leader Scott Hughes presents the 10 Year plaque to the Lift Systems team members. About the Annual Safety Awards Program N.C. Department of Labor’s Safety Awards Program is administered through…

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Gregory Poole Lift Systems Receives Industry Award for 2022

RALEIGH, NC – Gregory Poole Lift Systems has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Award for  their accomplishments in 2021.  For the twelfth consecutive year, since the award’s inception, Gregory Poole Lift Systems has earned the MVP Award from the industry’s trade association, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association). Award recipients must satisfy…

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Forlift entering a container

Forklift Wear and Tear Inspection

Don’t get stuck without a RELIABLE LIFT. Regularly inspect these 5 forklift parts to help prevent wear and tear. Keep your equipment and operations moving – in many companies, lift equipment is moving around the clock. Over time forklift parts, components, and accessories begin to show signs of wear and tear due to their constant…

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Understanding CMM Room Standards

Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are an integral component of many manufacturing and production facilities. As precision instruments, CMMs work to ensure the quality control of parts manufactured in the plant. Unfortunately, the manufacturing and production environment is not always the safest or most controlled. This can make it difficult to protect the expensive machinery from the elements…

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How Do You Build an Office in a Warehouse?

If you manage a productive warehouse, you might find you need a quiet place to complete administrative tasks or supervise the facility. That’s where an in-plant office can come in handy. How do you build an office in a warehouse? Let’s break it down step by step. How to Build an Office in a Warehouse: 7 Steps…

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What You Need To Know About Going Electric

Electrification is on the rise like never before. With strict emissions regulations and warehouses facing intense productivity demands, switching to electric powered lift trucks makes real business sense. Electric lift trucks are only getting more popular, growing from 52% to 64% of total lift trucks sold since the 1990s. The business case has never been…

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Wilmington Safety Awards

The Wilmington Parts Department and Wilmington Lift Systems were recognized for their 2020 safety excellence by the NC Department of Labor. Congratulations on this achievement and thank you for representing Gregory Poole as a Safety Leader in the Wilmington area.  

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Increasing Slot Capacity & Picking Efficiency

Increasing Slot Capacity and Picking Efficiency In a distribution center, fast and accurate order fulfillment defines success. But as SKU counts increase and order profiles change, racking and slotting systems that functioned adequately in the past may begin to compromise order fulfillment efficiency. Additionally, increased picking complexity and operator travel times mean distribution center managers…

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EPA Certified Lift Truck Availability

HYG Confirms Availability of EPA-certified Internal Combustion Engines – Full range of Hyster® and Yale® brand ICE-powered lift trucks are EPA certified and in continuous production, ready to be quoted and ordered – Hyster-Yale Group also supports growing trend toward electric forklift truck power with extensive lithium-ion battery and hydrogen fuel cell power options Greenville,…

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