HY-Shield Clean Services

With the COVID-19 virus still looming, customers understandably fear that a visiting technician might add to the virus risk. In response, Gregory Poole Lift Systems  has developed a solution that  provides our customers with proactive measures against the virus-giving you the confidence to resume your recommended equipment maintenance schedules. Our HY-Shield Clean Program is designed to minimize risk for all parties – technicians, lift operators and workplace personnel – during all steps of forklift contact, maintenance, and readiness for operation. The HY-Shield Clean Program is a comprehensive, long-term initiative that follows proven CDC guidelines and EPA approvals for effective vehicle sanitization.

Choose your level of HY-Shield Clean Service, or design a complete program that’s right for your operation.

  • Touchpoint cleaning before and after your repair
  • Enhanced services at your scheduled PM
  • Pre-shift sanitization training
  • Stand-alone deep cleaning*

The program provides:

  • Operator best-practice disinfecting protocols and support.
  • Sanitization and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) supplies including nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, face masks and hand towels.
  • Customizable carrier kits of these supplies that attach to lift trucks, making sanitization easy and convenient for your operators.

There’s the typical speed of business. And then there’s pandemic speed. Find out more about how we’ve adapted to help you safely face changing environments.

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