Taylor-Dunn has been a leading provider of commercial and industrial vehicles since the day they shipped their first product in 1949. The Taylor-Dunn vehicles offered by Gregory Poole Lift Systems are built with one goal in mind: to provide tough, rugged, and dependable vehicles to haul your personnel and equipment. Whether you’re interested in towing or carrying a load—or carrying people—we’ve got the Taylor-Dunn vehicle for you at Gregory Poole.

Service & Offerings with Taylor-Dunn Vehicles

Gregory Poole is proud to offer vehicles built to handle anything from warehouse jobs to on-site industrial work. We stock the highest-quality Taylor-Dunn burden carriers, electric trams, tow tractors, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, and personnel carriers to make sure you always have access to the right piece of equipment for the job at hand. Our certified and highly trained technicians are ready to help maintain any and all Taylor-Dunn commercial and industrial equipment and keep it running for years to come. Visit Gregory Poole today and let us help you choose the right gas-powered or electric Taylor-Dunn industrial vehicle to meet your needs.

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Technology & Features

Taylor-Dunn’s advanced line of industrial vehicles features burden carriers and tow tractors with carry and tow capacities up to 6,400 and 168,000 pounds, respectively. We also offer Taylor-Dunn personnel equipment that can haul anywhere from 1 to 12 workers, and upwards of 30 if you add on trailers.

  • Towing capacity up to 168,000 lbs
  • Personnel carriers with up to 12 seats
  • Carrying capacity up to 6,400 lbs
  • Reliable & efficient

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