MX-360 Refuse Hauler Motrec

Refuse Hauler
Motor 15 hp
Drive Axle Differential with automotive ring gear
Transmission Goodyear Eagle Synchronous drive
Controller Electronic speed controller
Voltage 48V
Battery Eight 6V-220AH batteries
Charger High frequency, built-in, automatic
Suspension Dual leaf springs on front and rear
Brakes Rear hydraulic brakes, 11
Wheels 5.7×8 LRC pneumatic tires
Steering Automotive steering wheel
Seats Two bucket seats on slide adjusters
Lights Dual head lights, dual tail/brake lights
Indicators Battery status indicator
Accessories Horn, 48-volt pump to discharge cells equally to extend battery life
Safety Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm

Solve your trash problems and improve maintenance productivity. This zero-noise, zero-emission refuse hauler makes a great choice for shopping malls, campuses, resorts and more. It holds an impressive 2 cubic yards of trash, reducing the number of return trips needed per shift. The 48V battery pack relies on a durable 48V hydraulic pump to efficiently equalize cells, thereby improving battery life and performance. Optional cab and roll-out battery compartment. A safe, rugged vehicle with unlimited configurations.

Equipment Type
Custom Vehicles / Industrial Vehicles