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Equipment Categories



Yale GP190-280DF


Yale GP300-360EF

High Capacity Cushion Tire Forklift Electric

Yale Pegasus Elite – Electric

High Capacity Cushion Tire Forklift ICE

Yale Pegasus Elite – ICE

Hyster and Yale High Capacity Forklifts for Sale

All of our large capacity forklifts are designed to deliver reliable performance time and again under the most demanding conditions. These rugged machines are made to handle wide and heavy loads with ease and provide balanced movement when hauling materials with extended load centers. High capacity forklifts are standard in distribution centers, rail yards, manufacturing facilities, mining sites, port terminals and anywhere material weights exceed the lifting capabilities of the standard forklifts common to other applications.

Whether for commercial or industrial purposes, these forklifts are suited for roles including:

  • Transporting breakbulk cargo and stevedoring.
  • Unloading general cargo and shipping containers.
  • Hauling metal, lumber and other heavy raw materials.
  • Moving manufactured goods like steel beams and piping.

High Capacity Forklifts to Match Your Applications

While the engine’s size depends on the model, all produce exceptional power and feature fuel-efficient operation with reduced emissions to lessen your impact on the environment. These machines are designed with operators in mind and include a comfortable cab with ergonomic seating and controls to ensure fewer distractions and higher productivity levels.

Depending on your needs, we will help you buy a new high capacity forklift that fits your specific requirements while staying under budget. We have an extensive selection of large capacity forklifts for sale to choose from, and each provides exceptional:

  • Travel speed: Our large capacity forklifts can reach up to 19.9 mph on smooth surfaces.
  • Load capacity: We have lift trucks capable of hoisting loads weighing over 105,000 pounds — more than 54 tons.
  • Intelegent Design: These machines are engineered for tough applications, wide loads and heavy duty-cycle conditions.

Your Full-Service High Capacity Forklift Dealer

At Gregory Poole Lift Systems, we offer everything you need to keep your new high capacity forklift in top condition. We have a network of 13 connected service centers fully equipped to accommodate any of our large capacity forklift offerings. Our facilities are staffed by factory-trained technicians capable of taking care of your repairs, maintenance work and the installation of any upgrades for your machine. We also have a massive inventory of parts to support your forklift with both next-day pick-up and shipping available.

Buy a New High Capacity Forklift

Our representatives are ready to help you find a new high capacity forklift suited for your business and budget. To get more information about our large capacity forklifts for sale or to request a quote for a specific model, please reach out to us online or call 800-447-3125.