Custom Vehicles

At Gregory Poole Lift Systems, we offer numerous material handling solutions for your company. Our Motrec custom vehicles range from maintenance trucks to train inspectors to make every warehouse operation efficient for the employee. Our innovative solutions and services make Gregory Poole stand out from the competition. Learn more about the services we offer at Gregory Poole.

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Operator Safety Training

Running a successful warehouse means following the correct safety guidelines. Gregory Poole Lift Systems provides comprehensive forklift operator safety training programs to ensure your employees practice safety on the job. Learn more about our safety training programs at Gregory Poole.

Motrec Equipment

Motrec International Inc. produces industrial electric vehicles for moving material and people around the warehouse safely and efficiently. From burden carriers to industrial tow tractors, Motrec makes warehouse solutions customizable for you. Gregory Poole Lift Systems carries several types of Motrec industrial vehicles. View our inventory here.