I would like to take time to thank you and your company for the outstanding maintenance assistance services that was provided to us here at the Merrifield P&DC. I called and ask for help with our down power equipment that we use to move the mail at this facility and was totally impressed and pleased with the efforts that were put into getting us back up and running. Rob wasted no time in seeing that a plan was put together to meet our needs to include providing a tech on site that completed immediate repairs. Rob and Gary presented my manager and me with in initial overview upon arriving on site on what services they would perform for us under the agreement that was made. A total of 14 pieces of equipment was put back into service during the 3 days that the tech was on site. (NOTHING LESS THAN OUTSATNDING) Gary, the tech that provided the on-site repairs, also gave a very good out brief on the status of our equipment, as well as make recommendations of what our next step should be.

I have suggest to my manager to let you’re your company put together a maintenance troubleshooting training class to assist this facility in getting our tech up to speed on maintaining the equipment at this facility. Again, I would like to thank Rob and Gary for the services that they provided for the Merrifield P&DC. (PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THE BOTH OF THEM)

Lawrence P. Clark

Earlier in the month, back-to-back winter storms left many of our customers without electricity. Now that service is restored, we want to thank our vendors who helped with Pepco Holdings, Inc. and its family of businesses including Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power and Pepco respond to these record-breaking events.

We know that power outages, especially during storms such as these, can cause undue hardship. That’s why we appreciate McCall Handling’s efforts in providing immediate assistance to our late hour forklift rent needs in support of our crews, enabling them to work safely around the clock to get the lights back on.

When a crisis arises, the best qualities of our vendors are on full display. So it’s no surprise that when the storms came through, so did you.

Doug Myers

McCall Handling Co has been providing forklift repair & periodic maintenance for my equipment and has exceeded our expectations. They arrive promptly with highly skilled certified technicians who accurately diagnose and remedy our problems. When the need arises to see a customer service representative, they always find the time to take care of whatever sales or service issue that we have. I would recommend McCall Handling Company’s service to any other organization, public or private.

Brenda Allen

I just got a message from one of your techs and I returned his call to get parts that were needed for the store in Aberdeen. I got the parts on order already and the store will be taken care of shortly. But I feel the need to let you know that I appreciate the fact that your techs call me when they need parts and that they don’t rely on the store to let me know. I also wanted to tell you that I have never had a bad experience with any of them that call; your techs are always professional and friendly to me each and every time they call me. I wanted to let you know this because I am sure you only hear the bad things and never the good. It is very easy for people to write a letter to tell you about their bad experience but when it has been as good as it’s been you probably don’t hear it. I wish I could remember all of their names to mention them but I don’t keep that good of notes on who calls me but this one that called today was Steve and I know he has called in the past and every time he and the others have called have been very courteous each and every time.

Michael W. McCarty

Just a short note to say thanks to you for responding so quickly and to Tony, who came out to our site on such short notice to look at/fix our Cherry Picker problem we had today.

Even though we may appear to call you every other day, we do appreciate McCall Handling’s servicing of our materiel-handling equipment … since your company took over this maintenance contract (going back almost 2 years, now), we had the best incommission rates (averaging 98%) ever seen by this organization.

Larry M. Hamilton