Hyster E30HSD Hyster


Shouldn’t your lift truck be as tough as the warehouse it works in?

The Hyster E30-40HSD3 three-wheel stand lift truck has a small turning radius — turning in smaller aisles and dock operations than a sit-down unit.

Your operators can save valuable time and be more productive when using one truck that can handle the big and small spaces.

When a job gets dirty, so does your truck. But that’s no challenge for this forklift. With sealed electrical connectors as well as enclosed master drive units and motors, you know that harmful dirt and grime will stay out of the
components and washing down this truck will be worry free. The AC traction and hoist motors eliminate the need for commutating brushes, and can reduce maintenance requirements.

  • Equipment Type: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Hyster
  • Year: 2011
  • Model: E30HSD
  • Serial: B219N01775J
  • Hours: 1082
  • Warranty: Gold

  • Fuel Type: 36 Volts

  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs.
  • Mast: 82/187
  • Attachment: Side shift; 4-way
  • Battery/Charger: N/A