Material Handling Equipment & Solutions For Your Business

Here at Gregory Poole Lift Systems, we see ourselves as more than just your local forklift dealership. We’re your partner in all material handling aspects of your business. Whatever your business goals may be, we guarantee results by working with our team of specialists. Find your industry on the list below to read more about our recommendations.


Ports & Terminals

With over 90% of U.S. imports coming through ports, it’s crucial to ensure your operation can withstand all the challenges of the industry.


General Manufacturing

Keeping production lines flowing in manufacturing requires precise handling of materials at the right time and without interruptions.



Turn your biggest headaches into opportunities. The trucking industry faces high volumes and tight capacity. Do you have the tools to pass the competition?



Understand the latest challenges facing this molten hot industry so you can discover solutions that will help build your competitive edge. 



You work in one of the oldest, most labor-intensive industries – you have enough on your plate. To combat costs, you need max efficiency to protect tight margins.



You face the challenge of meeting strong demand for quality timber products while minimizing adverse effects on the environment and human health.


Chemicals & Plastics

As the global population reaches eight billion, there is a need to deliver on production demands in a more sustainable and efficient manner. Are you ready? 


Paper & Packaging

Take control with game changing solutions. Our wide array of solutions cover the depth and breadth of paper, packaging and recycling challenges.


Auto Manufacturing

Our vision is to help provide material handling solutions that pave the way for a more efficient, successful and sustainable tomorrow for the automotive industry. 


Building Materials

Construction spend in the U.S. is nearing $1.4 trillion per year. Is your operation equipped to be competitive in this dynamic market?


3PL - Third Party Logistics

3PL is predicted to grow 3.6% annually over the next five years. Are you positioned to succeed in this competitive environment?


Retail & E-Commerce

E-commerce fulfillment – work faster, win repeat business.  If you can’t achieve on-time order fulfillment, your customers will go elsewhere. 


Food Distribution & Cold Storage

Food distribution waste has reached nearly 40% of the entire U.S. food supply, roughly 80 billion pounds each year. You need equipment engineered to handle more.



Don’t let consumer demand for greater beverage selection, countless size and quantity mixes and endless convenience outlets drown your operations.


Health & Pharma

Patients and customers rely on your products to live comfortably. Don’t settle for just anyone to help you get them what they need.


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