Industrial conveyors are a must-have warehouse solution, and they have many different designs and uses.  Common conveyor types are belt conveyors, roller conveyors, motorized roller conveyors and overhead conveyors. They can be categorized as floor conveyors (mounted on the floor) or overhead conveyors. They are used to move products, create buffers and deliver products in sequence in a production process.

We handle projects of any size and scope, custom designed and manufactured for your unique application. And, we’ll even test your system to make sure it’s the best design for your pallets, boxes or totes; all while staying within your budget.

  • Save Space
    Double your storage capacity or free up valuable floor space
  • Save Time
    Reduce travel time and boost productivity with more efficient order picking
  • Save Money
    Save up to 75% in labor and equipment costs with fewer forklifts
  • Save Energy
    Lower energy costs with fewer square feet to light, heat or cool

How to choose the right type of conveyor

  • Is it moving parts, storing them, re-sequencing them or providing a working surface where they are worked on while they move?
  • Available space in production environments can be at a real premium. And although conveyors can add a lot of productivity, they can also get in the way of other operations, so the space they take up needs to be carefully considered.
  • Floor conveyors or overhead conveyors is often an important decision point. Overhead conveyors are beneficial in they can enable the overhead plant space to become productive. If more space is available, floor style conveyors may be more suitable.
  • Consider how the loading and unloading of the conveyor is to be done. Conveyors that are equipped with tooling, pallets or carriers can accommodate precise positioning, whereas a simple belt or roller conveyor by itself cannot maintain the part in a precise location.
  • Speed required and investment available can drive the choice toward simpler, more affordable conveyor systems or require more sophisticated automated conveyor lines.
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