Maximize your existing space by adding a mezzanine.

Increase your manufacturing, storage, office, or retail space now – without incurring costly renovations or moving to a new facility – with a structural steel mezzanine. Whether you need a little or significantly more floor space, we have the perfect mezzanine solution for your application, timing and budget. Gregory Poole is your local authorized dealer and has the resources you need to add mezzanines engineered to your application. Our mezzanine designs utilize modular components which can easily adapt to your evolving needs. This approach provides the value, flexibility and functionality you need now- and in the future if your needs evolve.

Advantages & Benefits of Mezzanines

  • Maximize existing space.
  • Add additional square footage quickly and easily.
  • Less expensive than building-on or moving to a different facility.
  • Utilize this new space for: offices, manufacturing, storage, etc.
  • Maximize the potential of your existing facility
  • Modular Design speeds installation and makes it easy to modify or move.
  • Prudent use of your financial capital.
  • Outsource your engineering requirements by utilizing our free design services.

Faster than you imagined possible, we can build an industrial strength mezzanine around the existing layout of your facility, matching your height, area, and load requirements. Best of all, you will still be able to utilize the area below your mezzanine for foot traffic, forklift lanes, storage, meeting/break rooms, manufacturing, or offices.

Mezzanines allow you to make more efficient use of your existing building by adding levels to the space you already occupy. By adding a mezzanine, you can avoid the costs of building-on or moving to a new-larger facility. We are confident that we can provide a mezzanine solution which is faster and less expensive than adding-on to your existing building.

If it’s additional offices, conference room, or lab space that you are looking for, we also offers cost-efficient modular building structures which can be located on a mezzanine or on the ground floor. 

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