Gregory Poole Lift Systems is your single source provider for comprehensive warehouse solutions that increase productivity, emphasize safety and optimize utilization of equipment and space. Racking and conveyors, high-efficiency industrial lighting, modular offices, loading dock equipment, battery handling systems and more complement our lift trucks and specialty handling equipment to provide the best solutions to store and move your products.

Industrial Conveyors

Industrial conveyors are a must-have warehouse solution, and they have many different designs and uses.  Common conveyor types are belt conveyors, roller conveyors, motorized roller conveyors and overhead conveyors. They can be categorized as floor conveyors (mounted on the floor)…

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Wire Mesh

Decking that comes in a variety of sizes and patterns to meet any need Using wire mesh for warehouse storage decking is an effective and popular solution that is proven to be better than wood decking. The mesh design also…

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Maximize your existing space by adding a mezzanine. Increase your manufacturing, storage, office, or retail space now – without incurring costly renovations or moving to a new facility – with a structural steel mezzanine. Whether you need a little or…

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In-Plant Offices

When Change Means Construction. And Time Equals Money. Modular Office Buildings, Pre-Engineered Systems & Accessories. Do you need a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to add space to your facility or office? With Starrco modular structures, it’s business as usual for…

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Guarding & Fencing

Guard your people, your machinery, your valuables, your investment. Guard Rails Protect your people and your property from the ground up with guardrails, safety rails and rack protectors. The tough-as-nails construction works around the clock to keep your workplace safe, productive…

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Steel Shelving

Heavy duty and light duty storage systems for high strength and durability. Whether you need X-braced open shelving, closed-in box shelving; short, tall, shallow or deep shelving; one unit or multiples, Gregory Poole’s Warehouse Solutions has you covered! Shelving units…

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Racking Systems

Pallet Racks The most universal system for direct and individual access to each pallet.Learn More Push Back Racking Systems Storage by accumulation that allows up to 4 pallets per level to be stored.Learn More Cantilever Racks The practical rack solution…

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Warehouse Products

From storage cabinets to shop furniture, we carry a comprehensive selection of warehouse supplies to keep your facility running smoothly. Our available products include stock & custom plastic pallets, collapsible containers, strip doors, bin units, and lift tables.

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Strategic Design Services

We provide top-to-bottom warehouse consultation services, including site selection, complete software solutions, product slotting analysis, and more. Let our team of experts help design the most efficient and profitable warehouse for your business.

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Pallet Shuttle

The Pallet Shuttle is a high-density storage system where a shuttle, powered by an electric motor, runs along rails inside a storage channel. By replacing forklifts, this radio shuttle solution considerably reduces operating times and enables SKUs to be grouped by channels rather than by entire lanes.

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As modern warehouses, distribution facilities, and E-commerce facilities grow in demand, so do our innovative solutions. Our Emerging Technology experts have a deep understanding of the latest technology because we are always staying ahead of the industry demands.

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