Strategic Warehouse Design Solutions

At Gregory Poole, we know how important it is that your facility is operating as efficiently as possible. With the warehousing industry rapidly changing and growing in complexity, you need a partner to help you understand the technology and solutions available. At Gregory Poole, our goal is to help distribution and fulfillment enters boost operational efficiency, save money and stay competitive in the shifting industry landscape.

Our integrated, intelligent and cost-effective solutions help solve operational challenges in the retail and e-Commerce, wholesale distribution, third-party logistics, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

Products to Improve Labor Efficiency, Throughput and More

Our turnkey solutions are tailored to your facility's equipment needs. Some of the products we offer include:

Expanded Warehouse Automation and Control Service

Our experienced team provides a free initial consultation to identify operational challenges in new and existing warehouses. We work with you throughout the installation process and providing ongoing support to keep our customers' work running smoothly with new technology, repairs and operations.

When combined with our expert operational consulting and support services, these products can help you improve your business' labor productivity, fill more orders accurately, increase throughput and decrease worker safety risks in the warehouse environment. All of these factors allow distribution and fulfillment centers to succeed in the short and long terms.

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