Decking that comes in a variety of sizes and patterns to meet any need

Using wire mesh for warehouse storage decking is an effective and popular solution that is proven to be better than wood decking. The mesh design also prevents dust accumulation, allows light to filter through each storage level, and promotes a safer work environment due to its strength and safety features.                                                          

  • Various standard sizes “quick ship” programs
  • Custom sizes and weight capacities available
  • Galvanization available for specialty applications
  • Outside waterfall design for standard step-beams
  • Inside waterfall design available for smooth beam face
  • Pre-galvanized wire channels for most applications; other weights available
  • Decking sourced from various partners to meet your needs at the lowest cost
  • Support channels provide weight capacity
    • The number of channels is determined by the weight needed to be supported

Wire mesh is the perfect solution for both new and existing pallet rack systems. It provides numerous designs for a variety of capacity and application needs covering all aspects of both manufacturing and distribution. It installs quickly with no tools and is an excellent choice for facilities with sprinkler systems.

Mesh decking comes in a variety of sizes and patterns to meet any need. Wire is drawn to stringent specifications and coated for protection. All channels are formed from cold-rolled sheet steel ordered from designed material specifications. Based on your requirements such as rack configuration, size, and working load, wire and channel gauges are selected along with the pattern and number of channels needed to provide the desired result. 

Types of Mesh

Standard U-Channel

  • U Channel by Husky Rack and Wire
  • V Channel by Nashville Rack and Wire
  • Ideal in most applications; offered in Quick Ship programs in various sizes and weight capacities

Inverted U-Channel

  • Inverted channels are useful for bagged product, such as pet food, that if spilled, could accumulate and attract mice. 
  • Also prevents dust accumulation in the channel.

Up-Turned Waterfall

  • Upturned back edge to help prevent product from being pushed too far
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