Are your beverage operations drowning in SKUs?

Don’t let consumer demand for greater beverage selection, countless size and quantity mixes and endless convenience outlets drown your operations.

Enhance awareness & stability

Promote awareness and help reduce incidents with Yale® Reliant, a technology suite that automatically adjusts lift truck performance based on real-time conditions.

  • Detect tagged trucks and pedestrians in proximity (360˚)
  • Monitor and detect objects in the path of travel and identify trucks/pedestrians out of line of sight
  • Adjust travel speeds and hydraulic functions while maintaining truck stability
  • Monitor forklift truck location, exclusion zones, lift height restrictions and more

Make beverage safety non-negotiable

Protect equipment against contamination and boost sanitation/disinfection on all touch points.

  • Reduce bacteria absorption by using impenetrable materials
  • Achieve greater transparency to help isolate concerns to reduce product loss
  • Utilize food-grade lubricants that are non-toxic and USDA inspection ready

Operational transparency - forklift tracking

Get 20/20 vision into your operations. Experience real-time lift truck and operator utilization, and how they are performing with Yale Vision telematics.

  • Impact camera option increases operator accountability
  • Enforce OSHA pre-shift checklist completion
  • Receive usage metrics, impact detection and alerts
  • Restrict truck access to approved operators only

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