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Equipment Categories



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Hyster S135-155FT

S30-35FT, S40FTS

Hyster S30-35FT, S40FTS


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Hyster S40-70A

A Wide Selection of Internal Combustion Forklifts for Sale
As the region’s top supplier for advanced warehousing and material handling solutions, we carry a wide variety of new LPG and gas-powered forklifts for sale from Hyster® and Yale®. These industry leaders have earned reputations for producing machines capable of incredible lift, lasting durability and efficient material movement. Regardless of your application, we have internal combustion forklifts in several styles and designs to meet virtually any need, including:

Compact forklifts: We carry several Hyster and Yale compact internal combustion lift trucks to choose from, including gas-powered and LPG forklifts for sale. These machines pack serious power into slim frames you can easily maneuver, with excellent reach, low fuel consumption, and lifting capacities ranging from 3,000 to 15,500 pounds.
Pneumatic tire forklifts: Our pneumatic internal combustion forklifts have wide tires that provide a firm grip both indoors and outside. These lift trucks offer high clearance and are perfect for hauling materials over unpaved terrain. We have over a dozen pneumatic internal combustion forklifts to choose from with rapid lift speeds and maximum load capacities up to 19,000 pounds.
Cushion tire forklifts: Cushion tire forklifts are cost-effective solutions to bring the power of an internal combustion forklift to your work site or facility. A cushion tire lift truck is ideally suited for use on smooth surfaces and has a tight turning radius you can take advantage of to move in confined spaces. You can choose from one of our new Hyster® and Yale® gas forklifts for sale or other models in this configuration.

Service, Support and Parts for Your New Lift Truck
Once you take delivery of your new forklift, we will help you keep it working its best with complete service, maintenance and parts support from your trusted partner. We operate an extensive network of service centers staffed with trained technicians capable of performing any maintenance service and repairing any of the internal combustion forklifts we carry. To help minimize your downtime, we provide 24/7 field service to your location anywhere within our service area spanning North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.
Order a Gas-Powered or New LPG Forklift for Sale
For help choosing the right LPG or gas-powered forklift for sale, speak to one of our experts. Our representatives have the training and industry experience to guide you toward the right model forklift with the correct options and upgrades to suit your needs. To learn more about our internal combustion forklifts for sale or to get a quote, visit any of our 13 convenient locationssend us a message online or call (800) 447-3125.