COMBI-CB Combilift

  • Open Cabin
  • +/- 100mm Sideshift
  • 3 Wheel Hydrostatic Drive
  • Multi-Direction Operation
  • 4-way lever positioning of Wheels
  • Load Sensing Steering
  • Capacity: 5000lbs
  • Lift Height: 159in
  • Platform Length: 31in
  • Overall Width: 76in
  • Engine Type Available: LPG 0r Diesel

The diminutive stature combined with the forklift’s maneuverability makes the Combi-CB the perfect all-round forklift having the ability to transport a very diverse range of goods, from palletized loads to long length materials such as timber or steel beams.

Small and fast with unrivalled versatility, the Combi-CB multidirectional counterbalance forklift will ensure maximum gains in productivity. The initial investment will quickly be returned on the considerable savings on operational costs. A confident operator is a productive one and the CB is designed with this in mind. Driver visibility is maximised by its off centre and high seating positioning which is fully protected from falling material by the sturdy roll cage which is also designed to maximise visibility.

Controls are intuitive and ergonomically positioned for driver comfort. The seat has full suspension and is fully adjustable. The need for the driver to leave the cab is reduced as side shift is fitted as standard and the optional integrated hydraulic fork positioner.

Equipment Type
Multi-directional / Specialty Forklifts