MO55-80 Yale

  • Ergonomic advantages
  • Multi-level productivity
  • Dependability
  • Serviceability
  • Models: MO55-80
  • Capacity: 5500-8000lbs
  • Load Weight: 5500lbs
  • Max Lift Height: 4.7
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Power: Electric
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking, Order Picking
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Beverage
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Food
Make multi-level order picking a breeze

The Yale MO series of low level order pickers offers an efficient, cost-effective order picking solution that can enable more efficient slotting strategies for increased SKU capacity and decreased travel times.

Equipment Type
Pallet Trucks

Yale low level pickers offer a range of features designed to maximize operator productivity and reduce fatigue, all shift long.

  • Spacious operator compartment enables easy access and offers a backrest and plenty of space for a comfortable operating position
  • Operator sensing floor mat completely covers the platform to allow onboard personnel to adjust stance
  • Power steering uses electric, fly-by-wire technology to reduce steering effort by up to 90%
  • Coast control uses slow-speed forward and reverse buttons to move to the next pick location while allowing the operator to walk alongside it, avoiding the need to re-mount the truck

The MO series leverages the capabilities of a conventional pick vehicle with the speed and efficiency of a pallet truck, enabling the operator to easily access the 6-10 foot strike zone.

  • Operations can take advantage of innovative slotting strategies to increase capacity and reduce travel time between picks.
  • Foot controlled lifting platform allows operators to focus on making picks, and offers easy access to second level storage locations
  • Travel speed up to 8 mph help limit travel times between docking and picking
  • Customizable performance settings such as acceleration, travel speed and braking to match application and operator needs

High-throughput operations do not have time for equipment downtime. The MO series is designed with key features to keep going strong, shift after shift.

  • Double-sealed IP65 connectors offer long service life and reliable operation
  • Robust fork design helps reduce stress and the heavy duty pull rod and load axle offer long-term reliability
  • Industrial-grade frame design and sturdy wrap-around bumper plate protects internal components
  • AC traction motor uses built-in thermal protection and is fully enclosed to protect from damage and debris

When service is necessary, the MO series is engineered with maintenance friendly features to expedite the process and get back to work.

  • One-piece hood can be easily removed with just two screws for quick access to all components
  • Single-point diagnostics help simplify service processes
  • Vertical or lateral battery extraction to help operations tailor changing to their needs