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Yale MR14-25A


Hyster N-ZR3-ZDR3, N-ZRS3-ZDRS3




Hyster R1.4-2.5A

New Reach Trucks for Sale From Hyster and Yale

We are the region’s authorized distributor for Hyster and Yale and provide the most trusted brands in reach truck design. Depending on the model, these reach lift trucks for sale can lift maximum loads anywhere between 3,000 and 5,500 pounds. With a stable platform to rely on, you can use these lift trucks to place them on shelf heights up to 502 inches. Our reach trucks are all seated models, made for indoor use and operated by quiet, zero-emission, 36-volt electric battery power.

Hyster N30-45ZR²/ZDR²

Reach trucks in this series support loads between 3,000 and 4,500 pounds and come with three-stage masts capable of reaching maximum heights ranging between 272 and 422 inches. These reach truck lifts for sale have a 7.4 mph standard operating speed and lift speeds varying between 60 and 130 feet per minute, depending on the mast and load.


These innovative reach lift trucks for sale have a patented operator sensing system that eliminates pedal controls for greater comfort and added legroom. On the Yale NR/NDR-DC/EC, you can select a side or forward stance and multiple optional features such as Smart Ride technology and a fork laser level.

Hyster N35-45ZR³/N30-35ZDR³

This series includes single- and double-reach lift trucks equipped with Hyster Vista™ Masts — high-visibility masts that deliver the best-in-class operator view for added safety and productivity. These indoor electric lift trucks are simple and cost-effective machines that lift loads weighing up to 4,500 pounds.

Yale MR14-25

The Yale MR14-25 is a fast-moving machine capable of reaching travel speeds up to 8.7 mph and mast speeds up to 143 feet per minute. MR14-25 reach lift trucks offer the option to select between 180- or 360-degree steering for quickly moving through narrow spaces. They also have several industry-firsts such as a touch screen and on-board diagnostics.

Hyster R1.4–2.5

Our Hyster R-Series reach truck lifts for sale are the most powerful in the Hyster lineup. With these machines, you can tackle maximum loads up to 5,500 pounds while only generating 69.7 A-weighted decibels (dBa) worth of noise. Standard and heavy-duty three-stage masts are available, and both have excellent lifting and lowering speeds.


These reach lift trucks for sale have the Yale Quadra-Flexx Operator Compartment, and you can configure yours in your choice of side, fore or aft stance with different ergonomic control options. The Yale NR/NDR-EB/DB electric reach trucks are available in models designed for 3,000, 3,500, 4,000 and 4,500-pound max loads.

Buy a New Reach Truck Forklift From an Authorized Dealer

Gregory Poole Lift Systems is the Hyster and Yale dealer for all of North and South Carolina and Virginia. In addition to our new reach trucks for sale, we have the resources to provide all the maintenance and repairs you need to keep your equipment in peak condition. Visit the Gregory Poole Lift Systems location nearest you to view our inventory and talk with an expert. You can also send us a contact form or call us at (800) 447-3125.