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Yale NTA030/035SB


Hyster V30-35ZMU

Hyster® and Yale® Narrow Aisle Forklifts for Sale
We are the regional Hyster and Yale dealer and your source for new forklifts for sale in your preferred configuration. These lift trucks have an articulated fork design that allows the operator to drive straight down the aisle and start picking pallets without turning the machine. Our Hyster and Yale narrow aisle forklifts are fully electric and designed for indoor use with 48- or 72-volt configurations that produce zero emissions.

Our narrow aisle forklift options include the Hyster V30-35ZMU and Yale NTA030/035SB. These narrow lift trucks come in standard configurations set for both 3,000- and 3,500-pound maximum loads. Each shares a maximum load height of 668 inches off the ground, and you can reach the highest orders fast with 65 feet per minute lift speed. Depending on the model, our new narrow aisle forklifts for sale have tight turning radiuses as small as 88.5 inches to keep operations moving.

Each narrow aisle forklift available has forks that automatically center and come equipped with two-stage limited free lift (LFL) masts. We can also set you up with a three-stage mast as an optional feature. Other extras are also available, depending on whether you prefer a Hyster or Yale narrow aisle forklift. Upgrades we can add to your tailored build include features such as cab improvements, freezer conditioning, extra lights and mirrors.

The Advantages of Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts are specialized lift trucks that provide you and the people moving your goods with a wide range of advantages, including:

Visibility. Narrow aisles can make it hard to see the products stacked hundreds of inches above. These forklifts provide the solution by moving the entire cab up along with the forks to give the operator full visibility and a close-up view to read SKUs and ensure accurate fork placement.
Maneuverability. These machines are purpose-built for working in the densest warehouse environments. They have intelligent and compact designs for navigating close spaces and tight turning radiuses for making corners in one pass without risking damage to your inventory.
Efficiency. Narrow aisle forklifts are small machines you can customize with batteries, chassis styles, masts and other options to get the best value for your investment. These machines run for long hours and require minimal warehouse floor space for storage between uses.
Comfort. While most forklifts have exclusive seated or standing operation, narrow aisle lift trucks give the operator the choice of either for added comfort. Many additional design features make these machines the perfect choice for working comfortably throughout the entire shift.

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