Gregory Poole Used Equipment Warranty Statement

Gregory Poole Equipment company provides the following warranty described below for used industrial trucks sold to you in their dealer territory. Gregory Poole warrants any equipment sold below with the following terms.

A. For 30 days or 75 hours of operation from the date of delivery whichever comes first. Gregory Poole will, at its sole option, repair, or replace any part of the forklift found by Gregory Poole to not conform to this warranty other than abuse.

B. For 6 months or 500 hours of operation from the date of delivery, whichever comes first.

a. Gregory Poole at its sole option, repair or replace the engine cylinder block, the head assembly including internal lubricated parts, the transmission including all internal parts, the transmission control valve assembly, torque converter, drive axle and the differential including all internal parts found by Gregory Poole not to conform to this warranty.

b. Gregory Poole at its sole option, repair or replace the drive unit, including all internal parts, drive, and hydraulic motors exclusive of seals and gaskets, traction controller, hydraulic controller, steer controller(s) and master controller (VSM), and found by Gregory Poole not to conform to the warranty.

i. All electric forklifts will come with used reconditioned batteries that will carry a 1-year warranty unless stated otherwise.

You agree to promptly notify Gregory Poole of any claim related to the forklift and specifically describe the problem. An authorized Gregory Poole servicing dealer will perform all warranty work unless agreed upon prior to sale. Any forklift shipped out of Gregory Poole servicing territory will need to be returned at customers expense to closest Gregory Poole location unless agreed upon prior to sale. During warranty repair there is no obligation from Gregory Poole to provide a loaner unit at no cost to the customer.

Exclusions and Additional Limitations

This warranty relates to the condition of the industrial truck at the time delivery and does not cover parts or service required as a result of:

A. Normal wear and tear or required maintenance including, without limitation: adjustments or replacement of components subject to wear and tear, such as brakes, tires, belts, hoses, load wheels, caster wheels and assemblies, bulbs, filters, motor brushes, contact tips, spark plugs, and lubrication grease and oils.

B. Abuse including, without limitation: neglect, improper operation, misapplication, overloading, accident and alterations or modifications not approved.

C. Lack of maintenance including battery maintenance.

a. This includes charging the battery at reasonable intervals, charging, and operating at moderate temperatures, not discharging the battery below recommended levels and proper watering maintenance.

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