MT-310 Motrec

36V 48V
Motor 10 hp Brushless AC motor 15 hp Brushless AC motor
Drive Axle Helical gear differential
Transmission Direct drive
Controller AC Electronic speed controller
Voltage 36V 48V
Battery No battery included
Charger No charger included
Body All-steel unibody construction, Powder coating
Suspension Rear leaf springs suspension
Brakes Rear hydraulic drum brakes, Regenerative braking Rear wheel hydraulic drum brakes, Regenerative braking
Wheels Solid tires
Steering Automotive steering wheel
Seats Sit-down / Stand-up seat
Lights Dual LED headlights, Tail/brake lights
Indicators Multifunction display (including speedometer, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings), Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability
Accessories Converter for 12-volt accessories, Backlit and sealed buttons
Safety Reverse alarm, Deadman seat switch, Horn, Emergency Stop Button, Anti slip griptape
Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.



The MT-310 is in a class of its own. Designed from the ground up to offer exceptional versatility, this hard-working tow tractor is jam-packed with features operators will appreciate – starting with its ergonomic one-touch sit-down / stand-up seat that reduces fatigue and strain. The easy-access rear hitch means no more constantly climbing in and out of the vehicle. A low-maintenance, high-efficiency AC vehicle with a confident 16,000-lb towing capacity and full customization possibilities. EE rating available.

Equipment Type
Industrial Tow Tractors / Industrial Vehicles