Gregory Poole Lift Systems is pleased to announce its recognition by Hyster Company with the 2022 Dealer of Distinction award. This annual award recognizes top-performing dealers across the country that drives their organizations to the highest level of sales and service performance. To be named a Hyster Dealer of Distinction, Hyster dealers must meet defined…

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Electric Reach Stackers

WOULD AN ELECTRIC REACH STACKER BE RIGHT FOR YOU? In 2019, Hyster announced that the first Hyster® Reach Stacker with a hydrogen fuel cell is being developed for the Port of Valencia, making it the first port in Europe to incorporate hydrogen energy in its operations. But what are the potential challenges involved with implementing fully…

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The Right Forklift For Heavy Steel

Metal products can vary widely in type, size, shape and weight, presenting significant load handling challenges. Equipment and labor used to move products to storage and distribution can be a source of costly inefficiency. Large capacity trucks and specific steel handling attachments, designed for quick and easy changes, can add flexibility and help improve utilization….

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Hyster Reaction

Hyster Reaction

GREENVILLE, N.C., May 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hyster Company announces a first-of-its-kind package of technologies designed to reinforce proper lift truck operation by automatically adjusting truck performance based on real-time equipment status, location and operating conditions. The Hyster Reaction™ solution uses breakthrough technology resulting from an investment of over 29,000 hours of research and development…

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Forklift Power Sources

Pick your POWER 

7 Factors to consider when choosing your ideal power source  Forklifts have more power source options today than ever. With so many choices available, it’s a perfect time to reconsider if you are using the right ones. A well-matched power source can have significant impact on many aspects of operations, including higher productivity and lower operating costs….

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What is Telemetry? Telemetry is the process of remotely capturing specific measurements and other meaningful data in its given application. In addition to tracking, recording and reporting data, a telemetry system allows managers to remotely command or otherwise exert real-time control over the equipped machinery. CUT COST OF OWNERSHIP BY MONITORING OPERATIONAL DATA Plant operations…

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