How to utilize your warehouse storage space

Are you utilizing your warehouse storage space efficiently? Utilzation of storage space in a warehouse facility is a precious commodity today. Whether you are trying to utilize the space you have or adding additional warehouse space, making sure to use your space wisely can be a win-win. Figuring out the best practices for how to…

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How To Choose The Right Power Source for your Forklift

How do you power up? When it comes to choosing a power source for your lift equipment there are a few options. Internal combustion or ICE, which has a traditional engine that runs on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), gasoline, diesel, or other fuel. Electric or EV, which uses an on-board battery…

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Forklift Buying Guide

Many different types of businesses need heavy equipment to help with everyday tasks. Whether you work in warehousing, construction, storage, assembly, shipping or manufacturing, this equipment can save your employees time and move your operations along quickly. Forklifts are a versatile, durable type of machine that allow operators to reach high shelves, carry heavy loads…

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What Forklift Clamp is Right for Your Application?

Are you using the right attachment solution for your material handling needs? Having the right equipment for your application increases your productivity, reduces product damages, and keep your operators safe. You often are trying to handle awkwardly shaped loads around your facility wasting time, energy, and money. What forklift clamp attachment is right for your…

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Safety Railing in a Facility

How Guardrails Keep Your Facility Safe

Protect your people, your facility, and your bottom line. Employers are required to provide a safe workplace, but warehouse injuries still happen. Private industry employers reported 2.1 million nonfatal injuries in 2020, down from 2.7 million in 2019 (according to statistics published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Nov 2021). Even with a decline from 2019…

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Forklift

What is hydrogen fuel cell power?

Hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The hydrogen reacts with oxygen across an electrochemical cell like that of a battery to produce electricity, water, and small amounts of heat. Hydrogen fuel cell power for your lift equipment uses alternate energy sources for your lift equipment are more than just a green…

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Forklift Forks

When is the right time to replace your forks?

When is the right time to replace your forks? Using a forklift with worn-out forks can be a tremendous hazard in your business. It’s just a matter of time before bad forks can give way and damage product, your facility, or worst of all cause an accident with injury. There are OSHA requirements for all…

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Operator Assist Technologies

Forklift Operator Assistance Technologies

In today’s marketplace there continues to be an increase in online purchases and less in-store visits by consumers. The demand for order fulfillment in warehouses and distribution centers seems to be never ending. Operators and warehouse staff are at an increased demand to perform safely and within the OSHA regulations no matter the task at…

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Forklift?

As a construction or material handling professional, you need a forklift you can rely on to run a successful business. This equipment plays a valuable role in getting the job done safely and efficiently. Still, even the best-maintained fleet eventually needs a refresh, so you need to know when to replace an old forklift with…

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Pneumatic Forklift Tire

Do you need Cushion or Pneumatic Tires?

What’s the right lift truck tire? When it comes to deciding on a lift truck for your operation there are more options to think about than just power, load capacity, and mast height. What type of surface you will be using your lift truck on will determine which tire type is best. The most common…

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Lithium-Ion Tiger and Taylor-Dunn Vehicles Unlock Electrification Adoption

Anaheim, Calif., January 31, 2022 – Waev Inc. opens orders for the all-new, fully electric, lithium-ion-powered Tiger tow tractors and Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot utility vehicles. These trusted vehicles outperform internal combustion and other electric vehicles with significantly lower total cost of ownership, zero emissions, industry-first safety features and limited maintenance. Tiger and Bigfoot Li-ion vehicles knock…

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Should I Buy or Rent a Forklift?

Should I Buy or Rent a Forklift?

Forklifts are essential machines for many industries, but whether you should rent or buy a lift truck can depend on a few different factors. Learning about the benefits of renting and buying can help you find the right direction for your operation. What to Consider The question of whether to rent or buy often depends…

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