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Businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to work faster and more accurately while minimizing resource requirements. Investing in proper warehousing equipment is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal, empowering companies to take charge of their space and enhance productivity while saving money.

Articulated forklifts are versatile machines suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These machines can easily maneuver through tight spaces to allow companies to maximize storage capacity and eliminate double handling. Learn more about the benefits of articulated forklifts and where you can find the equipment you need to streamline your operations.

What Are Articulated Mast Forklifts?

Articulated forklifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can navigate narrow aisles to load and unload goods efficiently. You will often find these machines in high-storage-density warehouses needing continuous operation. An articulated forklift can utilize multiple swing head angles to meet smaller or larger aisle requirements.

These forklifts empower companies to make the most of their existing facilities’ square footage. Articulated machines can navigate small spaces, allowing you to optimize your facility layout to increase storage capacity by creating more aisles and utilizing as much height as possible.

A Deeper Look at the Benefits of Articulated Mast Forklifts

Narrow aisle articulated forklifts offer several advantages for businesses. These machines feature a fast running speed, high efficiency and flexible operation, as well as exceptional versatility. They empower companies to streamline their processes by improving productivity, enhancing safety, providing operator comfort and increasing storage capacity. Take a deeper look at the benefits of articulated mast forklifts below:

1. Fitting in Small Spaces

As we’ve already highlighted, one of the most significant benefits of these forklifts is their ability to navigate in constricted areas. These models can go between aisles as narrow as 2 meters wide — and some models need even less room — and require far less space to move and turn than standard forklifts. Plus, designs like reach stackers allow highly efficient vertical space utilization.

Warehouses with full shelving can use these forklifts to move through aisles easily and redesign the warehouse space to stack shelves closer together. Adding these machines to your arsenal can empower team members to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently than manually accessing and transporting products.

2. Providing Versatility

These machines can operate on a variety of indoor surfaces and outdoor terrains, eliminating the need for multiple machines for specific applications. Workers can easily move products from trailers to the warehouse without needing to unload or readjust their cargo. This versatility eliminates double handling, so your team can complete tasks in a single trip.

3. Increasing Storage Capacity

By empowering workers to navigate small spaces, articulated forklifts allow organizations to move their shelves closer together to increase storage capacity. Additionally, these forklifts can reach up to 10 meters high, allowing you to maximize your vertical space as well. Models are available with varying lifting capacities to lift and relocate a wide range of products.

Some businesses can see as much as a 50% increase in storage capacity by using an articulated forklift, depending on the width of existing shelving units and the tools they already use. Businesses that rent storage facilities can save money by opting for a smaller building with narrower aisles to accommodate their inventory.

4. Improving Productivity

Articulated forklifts empower businesses to access more inventory faster. By eliminating the risk of bumping into shelves with a large machine and choosing processes faster than manually navigating the warehouse, companies can streamline operations. Articulated reach stackers and lift trucks prevent the need for double handling, speed up the aisle navigation process, allow facilities to utilize the most space possible, and reduce the need for multiple machines to serve the same operation, increasing overall productivity.

5. Enhancing Driver Safety and Comfort

New technology and ergonomic designs create more comfortable conditions for operators. For instance, you can find cabin ergonomics to reduce downtime and boost operator satisfaction. These features can prevent worker injuries associated with operating larger, less comfortable machines, such as back pain, whiplash or knee pain.

Narrow aisle forklifts also offer straightforward handling, which can minimize training time and aid in operation. Articulated forklifts allow the mast to swivel and the forks to move side to side thanks to specialized front steering assemblies. This configuration empowers easier maneuvering during the loading and unloading processes, allowing operators to retrieve more goods with fewer adjustments. The ease of operation can reduce safety concerns for operators while increasing efficiency.

6. Reducing Accident Risks

Navigating a large machine through small spaces can present hazards, as large trucks and other vehicles are more likely to bump into aisles than smaller machines. Reducing these risks can better protect your team, goods and machines. Additionally, by utilizing some advanced features and operator assistance technology, you can reduce accidents due to improper operation or inadequate training.

Articulated forklifts can be easier to operate than large machines, and their compact form factor makes them much more forgiving. Operators may feel more comfortable using a smaller vehicle and find it easier to follow safe operation procedures to reduce accidents or injuries.

7. Achieving Sustainability With Electric Models

Electric forklift models are sustainable options for construction, warehousing and industrial applications. These machines use batteries rather than fuel, meaning that they are more environmentally friendly than gas models. They also allow companies to save money by avoiding fuel purchases.

As another sustainability bonus to electric forklifts, businesses can reduce their environmental impact by making the most of their existing space. Rather than moving to a new facility or expanding an existing structure, companies can use their space more efficiently to make room for more inventory.

Maximize Your Space With Aisle Master Articulated Forklifts

Articulated forklifts can save businesses time and money while increasing productivity and offering easy operation. Finding a reliable machine can be a significant asset for your business. When you need excellent maneuverability and impressive lift heights, look no further than Aisle Master Combilift forklifts from Gregory Poole Equipment Company.

At Gregory Poole, you can find high-quality, reliable equipment to streamline your operations. Our team has been powering progress since 1951 and can confidently fulfill your material handling needs. With our commitment to integrity, safety and excellence, you can feel confident that you’re partnering with a company that wants to help your business grow.

We make it easy to maximize space and enhance productivity with solutions you can count on. Each of our Combilift models features designs that promote operator productivity and comfort. With our equipment, you can bring shelves closer together to work more efficiently and make the most of your space. Browse our selection or contact our team for help finding the right model.

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