Operator Assist Technologies

In today’s marketplace there continues to be an increase in online purchases and less in-store visits by consumers. The demand for order fulfillment in warehouses and distribution centers seems to be never ending. Operators and warehouse staff are at an increased demand to perform safely and within the OSHA regulations no matter the task at hand. Risk not only lies with operators but with the facility as well. Helping to prevent unnecessary risk can alleviate damage to equipment and infrastructure as well as harm to personnel.

Technology can give everyone peace of mind in helping the operator maintain focus and utilize best lift truck practices. Assisting operators with technology that offers alerts to hazards and automated assistance while in operation can play a big role in safety and performance. So much is riding on your business and in your lift truck that proper operator training and best practices are a must.

Today’s warehouses face constant pressure to do more – fulfilling greater volumes of orders at an increasingly fast pace. Meeting these intense throughput targets depends on lift truck operators performing at their best, day in and day out. As operations work to maximize productivity at every turn, maintaining a strict focus on lift truck best practices and facility-specific traffic rules can be a challenge. In the event errors do happen, businesses risk compromising equipment, facility infrastructure and even the safety of personnel, while accumulating financial costs and unplanned downtime they simply cannot afford.

With so much riding on the performance of lift truck operators, it’s imperative to build and support safe, effective habits through proper, comprehensive training. And just as technology has optimized other aspects of warehouse operation, it can also elevate lift truck operator training, from virtual reality simulators that can supplement OSHA-mandated instruction to modernized training videos and instructional formats that can support engagement and comprehension in adult learners.

But what if you could go a step further, with technology that offers alerts and automated assistance to operators in real time on the warehouse floor? This white paper introduces operator assist systems (OAS), breaking down both advanced capabilities on the warehouse floor and the technologies that power them.

Watch the video or Download the flyer to get a first-hand view and explanation of this industry-first operator assistance technology, and consider whether or not you can afford to wait to adopt this proven system.

Give your lift truck operators a boost and your business the protection it needs with increased technology.



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