Safety Awareness - Lights and Alarms

Lift equipment is a crucial part of any warehouse, distribution center, supply center, or dockyard. With the increase in e-commerce and industrial activities, lift equipment operation for loading and transporting goods have increased to new levels. The risk involved in everyday operation of lift equipment can be lowered by adding lift equipment awareness solutions. Adding lighting and audible solutions to your lift equipment can be beneficial for the safety of the workers, goods they carry, and your overall operation.

Lighting Solutions

Operator lighting solutions
Is limited visibility a challenge for your operation? The right truck light options can help enhance operator visibility, productivity and decrease associated truck, product and facility damage.

Rear work lights

  • Offer additional lighting while unloading trucks or moving in dark areas
  • Reverse travel activated
  • Styles vary among truck modes

Dome/compartment Lights

  • Brighten operator compartment as needed
  • May help enhance visibility of controls, paperwork and other accessories
  • Often mounted under overhead guard

Work lights/lamps

  • Illuminate poorly lit areas; often used for outdoor nighttime operation
  • Adjustable to meet operator and application requirements
  • Available in single and double options
  • Can be installed on truck or mast

Pedestrian Awareness Solutions
Based on your facility layout and lighting conditions, are you using the appropriate tools to achieve optimum truck visibility to aid pedestrian safety? If not, consider helping increase awareness needed with appropriate light options.

Red Zone Light

  • Projects red beam of light from the overhead guard onto the floor
  • Offers visual barrier to remind pedestrians to walk or work outside of the red curtain area
  • Potential use where trucks are working in and out of aisles or trailers, or around cross aisles
  • Can be located on various sides of the truck

Strobe Light

  • Provides bright flashing light on top of truck to alert pedestrians of truck’s presence
  • Good option for noisy areas where alarms are drowned out by other sounds
  • Forward and reverse direction activated, or continuous operation with key on
  • Available in multiple lens color options

Blue LED Spotlight

  • Casts blue spotlight in front of or behind truck’s directional path
  • Can assist with truck awareness around corners and congested spaces with poor visibility
  • Potential use where trucks are working in and out of aisles or trailers, or around cross aisles

Audible Solutions

Would your facility benefit from alarms that notify pedestrians, or surrounding mobile equipment operators, that they are close to a truck in motion? If so, you may want to consider audible alarms to help enhance truck proximity awareness.

Audible Alarms

  • Provide audible warning that a lift truck is in close or immediate proximity
  • Automatically self-adjust to 5 decibels louder than the surrounding ambient noise, eliminating need for constant manual adjustments

Types of Audible Alarms

  • Backup – Reverse direction activated
  • Motion – Forward and reverse activated
  • Motion – Continuous operations with key-on

Helping your operation see and be seen, and heard, can be an invaluable solution to your operations safety. Alerting pedestrians and other lift equipment operators of the presence of equipment in their vicinity is a key motive for the use of safety lights and audible alarms. Lift equipment lights and alarms, when combined with other available safety features, can further enhance safety in your operation.

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