Pneumatic Forklift Tire

What’s the right lift truck tire?

When it comes to deciding on a lift truck for your operation there are more options to think about than just power, load capacity, and mast height. What type of surface you will be using your lift truck on will determine which tire type is best. The most common options for lift truck tires are pneumatic or cushion tires. These two types of tires have their own advantages for their different environments. Choosing the correct tire for your application is important for the handling and safe operation of your lift truck. Knowing which option to choose will ensure that you are getting the right lift truck for the job.


Pneumatic Tires

There are two types, air pneumatics and solid pneumatics. The air pneumatics are filled with air or foam filled, while the solid pneumatics are made of solid rubber and more puncture-proof. They are designed for outdoor applications on tough or uneven terrain like gravel and dirt proving to be a great option for heavy duty applications. Air Pneumatics are lesser in cost; but they are also less durable and won’t last as long. Solid Pneumatic tires are extremely durable and can’t be punctured by sharp objects, making them the better option for most outdoor applications.

Cushion Tires

Cushion lift truck tires are a solid rubber ring fitted or pressed onto a metal rim. Cushion tires are designed for indoor applications or on smooth outdoor surfaces like concrete or smooth asphalt. Cushion tire lift trucks are perfect for tight spaces where you need a smaller turning radius and great maneuverability. They are less expensive to maintain and replace than pneumatic tires. Cushion tire lift trucks are very durable and an excellent option for your indoor environments.


Which type of lift truck tire is right for your job?

 Figuring out which lift truck is right for your application doesn’t have to be a difficult choice. Is the lift truck going to be operated inside or outside? Is the operating surface smooth or uneven? Pneumatic and cushion tire lift trucks come in a variety of configurations to meet your facility’s needs.

Whatever your needs, Gregory Poole has the right lift truck for your job.

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