new vs. used forklifts

When you’re looking to expand your fleet of forklifts, you’ll have the choice to purchase new or used forklifts or lift equipment. Both of these options have various benefits that make them an attractive choice for companies. When you buy new or used forklifts, you’ll want to be aware of their advantages so you can make the best investment for your company.

Learn more about why you might want to buy a used or new forklift and how you can decide between the two.

Why Buy a New Forklift?

You can find several advantages of a new forklift that make them a popular choice for many companies. Find out more about the benefits of buying new forklifts below:

  • Increased efficiency: New forklifts tend to come with the latest designs and technology, making them more efficient than previous models. Much of a new forklift’s increased efficiency comes from the greater deal of power and speed new technology enables. Typically, a used forklift will also have lost some of its lift capacity and speed, making a new forklift the go-to option when you want to receive the best efficiency possible out of your machinery.
  • Greater durability: If you want to buy a forklift you can trust to work far into the future, a new forklift is an excellent option. Since a new forklift has the latest technology and parts in it, you can trust it to last much longer than a used forklift. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with previous repairs or maintenance issues associated with most used forklifts.
  • More attachment options: Generally, new forklifts have more attachments available for them, meaning you can use your forklifts to accomplish more jobs. Due to the many attachments, you can more easily customize your forklifts when you go with new models.
  • Easier fleet uniformity: When you want all of your forklifts to be the same type, it’s a great idea to purchase new forklifts instead of used ones. While you might have to mix and match when purchasing multiple used forklifts, you can almost always purchase multiple models of the same type when you buy new ones.
  • Improved safety: New forklifts tend to have improved safety features compared to used forklifts. Many of the latest forklifts come with more signals and alarms to ensure operators are aware of dangers. You can also find forklifts with features designed to automatically stop accidents and better ergonomics to prevent operator injuries.

Why Buy a Used Forklift?

While there are many advantages of buying a new forklift, you can also find benefits of buying used forklifts. Learn more about the advantages of investing in a used forklift below:

  • Greater savings upfront: One of the most obvious advantages of purchasing a used forklift is the greater upfront savings. Since you aren’t buying new, you can spend significantly less money on a used machine. If you have limited capital or are looking to save money, used forklifts are often an excellent choice.
  • Higher chance of operator familiarity: A used forklift will usually have been on the market for some time, with plenty of companies and operators using similar models to complete their work. Operators tend to be more familiar with used forklifts than new ones, as they may have already operated these forklifts or similar models in the past. Since new models tend to have different controls and features, used forklifts can help you save on the money and time required to train operators on how to use them.
  • Increased buying power: Due to the lower price of used forklifts, you increase your buying power when you purchase them. For example, with the same price you’d pay for the cost of a new forklift, you might be able to purchase two used forklifts, allowing you to potentially get more value out of your money. Besides having more capital to purchase more forklifts, you can also use the money you save by paying for repairs and making other investments.
  • Larger selection: Dealers tend to have more used forklifts for sale than they have new ones. Since more used forklifts are available, you can usually find a used forklift meeting your material handling requirements exactly.
  • Easier maintenance and service: When a used forklift needs maintenance, it’s often much easier for companies to repair any parts or install replacement components. Mechanics tend to be more familiar with the maintenance needs of used forklifts due to their familiarity with them, making inspections and repairs go by faster. Since replacement parts are on the market longer, they also tend to come at a lower cost than new replacement parts.

Comparing Your Options

With all of the pros and cons of new and used forklifts, you might still be wondering which option is right for your company. As you decide between the two, consider some of the top reasons a company purchases a used or new forklift below:

When You Should Buy a New Forklift

If you have the capital to purchase a new forklift without putting too much financial burden on your company, it can be a great choice. Many companies that require greater longevity, efficiency and safety from their equipment select new forklifts, as well.

Since used forklifts have fewer attachment options and make it more difficult for companies to purchase multiple of the same model, companies requiring more fleet uniformity and flexibility will want to purchase a new forklift. Due to a new forklift’s greater durability, they’re a perfect choice for companies planning on using them over multiple shifts per day.

When You Should Buy a Used Forklift

Due to the lower price of used forklifts, they’re a great option for companies that don’t have a lot of extra cash or want to have more buying power. If you have a team of operators you don’t want to spend time retraining, used forklifts are great choices, as well.

Used forklifts may also be better if you want a wider selection and easier, less expensive maintenance. Since used forklifts don’t have a new forklift’s longevity, you’ll only want to buy them when you plan to use the equipment for four hours or fewer a day.

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