Should I Buy or Rent a Forklift?

Forklifts are essential machines for many industries, but whether you should rent or buy a lift truck can depend on a few different factors. Learning about the benefits of renting and buying can help you find the right direction for your operation.

What to Consider

The question of whether to rent or buy often depends on the situation. In some cases, renting is the best option for your money, but if you need a forklift for the long term, buying one is a smart investment. Consider these factors before you decide.

1. Budget

Renting and buying will both come with a price tag, but you’ll be facing a significant investment when you start exploring forklifts for sale. Think about how much money you’re prepared to spend right now. If a big investment isn’t feasible at the moment, then renting is a great choice to cover your needs temporarily. Since rental terms end, you always have the option to purchase a forklift once you’ve saved up the money to do so.

2. Work Requirements

As far as work needs, you want to think about how often you’ll use the forklift and how hard it needs to work. Sometimes your forklift needs relate to short-term projects. You may have a little more work to do than usual, or your existing forklift might be in for repair. Renting is generally the best option for these temporary needs.

If you need a forklift every day and it’s essential to your operation, buying is the better choice. Buying is also the best option if you intend to use your forklift in harsh conditions — if you wear a rental down, you may be liable for any damage.

3. Technology

One of the benefits of renting is having access to some of the latest technology without the upfront price of buying new. When you want the newest models at the lowest price, renting is your move, and it’s a great opportunity to take machines with the most recent tech for a test drive if you’re thinking of investing in one.

4. Storage Capabilities

When you own equipment, you’re responsible for it around the clock. If you don’t have the room to store a forklift throughout the year, purchasing isn’t the best choice. With forklift rental, you’re only responsible for the machine while you need it, and the provider may even deliver it to your job site.

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