Sidewinder Support Vehicle TASK Forklifts

The SIDEWINDER® is supplied with an industrial battery allowing operators multiple shift use before needing to be recharged. The inbuilt charger allows users to charge the machine via a standard 110V wall plug.

  • Up to 880 lbs. Capacity
  • Up to 165″ Lift Height
  • Internal Smart Charger
  • Exceptional Stability
  • Large Industrial Battery

Exceptional Stability.

The SIDEWINDER® exhibits quality, durability and Tasks ability to remain at the forefront of design. The specially designed ‘I’ beam mast section provides stability, whilst the re-enforced steel top and rear covers enhance the structural integrity and safety of the unit.


TASK® were one of the first forklift manufacturers to utilize power steering in their pedestrian stackers. Now every TASK® unit is fitted with power steering as standard. The electric power steering allows operators to maneuver the SIDEWINDER® in tight spaces.

The SIDEWINDER® incorporates a functional, dual-hand operating system allowing for full control of the unit.

Equipment Type
Specialty Forklifts / Support Vehicles