Sidewinder F165 Support Vehicle TASK Forklifts

Multiple Shifts

​The SIDEWINDER® includes an industrial battery allowing operators multiple shift use before needing to be recharged. The inbuilt charger allows users to charge the machine via a standard 110V wall plug.

The Class 2 carriage forks, and stainless steel goods tray/ platform can carry up to 880 lbs allowing operators to carry more stock at once.

Narrow Dimensions

The SIDEWINDER® Task Support Vehicle can work in aisles as narrow as 33” (Under 3ft); and has a total dimension of 68 ½” x 33”.

  • Up to 880 lbs. Capacity
  • Up to 165″ Lift Height
  • Small Order Picker
  • Exceptional Stability
  • Internal Smart Charger
  • Large Industrial Battery

Small Order Picker

The SIDEWINDER® F-165 is the new innovative stock picker by TASK® Forklifts. The unit uses tried and tested technology to create one the safest, easiest to use, innovative stock pickers on the market. With a reverse camera, optional USB ports, a real time Curtis control display, standard Class 2 carriage forks, and a range of accessories to choose from, the SIDEWINDER® F-165 is the all one machine needed in your warehouse.

Equipment Type
Specialty Forklifts / Support Vehicles