The Combi-SC, Straddle Carrier range is the manufacturing industry with heavy and oversized loads. Its manoeuvrability, light footprint and high customisation offer complete independence when moving containers and oversized loads.

Manufacturing Industry

Highly Customizable


Every Combilift is highly customizable and can be built to your exact requirements becoming the ideal solution to the material handling challenges you face. Combilifts load stabiliser system is a rectangle load bearing system which is unique to the Straddle Carrier, supports the suspended load, eliminating swing, greatly increasing safety.

The Combi-MG is highly adaptable to your needs and can be built to dimensions specifically to suit your application. It can be fitted with a very wide range of lifting accessories to suit any application or industry. This impressive remote control Combilift-MG  stands tall at 47.5 feet and is capable of lifting a massive 220K lbs.


The Combi-SC offers much more versatility than fixed gantries, the overall dimensions of this highly mobile and portable unit can be customised to exactly suit your products. The 6 steering options making it a highly flexible and effective method of conveyance. It can operate in narrow aisles, of just 5 feet, allowing for increased storage and its ability to handle awkward loads.



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