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A peerless solution for the efficient handling of high value, long and awkward loads, Combilift is a perfect fit for the steel fabrication industry.

Equipped for stamina over large sites, our solutions are a practical alternative to overhead cranes even when ground conditions are poor. Indoor and outdoor operation avoids double handling and ensures efficient transfer of product from trailer to racking while eliminating damage.

Narrow and guided aisle technology can double storage capacity for cost-effective operation.


Built to tackle both the harsh environment of the sawmill and the tight spaces of a narrow aisle warehouse with confidence, Combilift’s multi-directional and side loader forklifts deliver the safety and flexibility required to manage and store more timber in less time, using less space - allowing manufacturers to focus on meeting the needs of their customers more effectively, and delivering wide-ranging cost efficiencies.


Combilift’s revolutionary approach is more than a match for the bulky materials and challenging conditions of the concrete industry.

The capacity to operate both indoors and out eliminates the need for multiple lifts, reducing fleet size and minimizing stress on brittle materials - this benefit extends from our heavy duty forklifts right through to the Combilift straddle carrier for outsize loads.

Combilift’s hydrostatic design and closed loop systems perform outstandingly well in harsh and dusty environments, ensuring reliable performance, 24/7.


Combilift takes a fresh approach to the handling of containerized loads.  Our straddle carrier range is the product of years of research and development aimed at creating a lightweight, fuel efficient and cost-effective way to handle containers. Fully customizable with hydraulic cylinders for heavy duty lifting and telescopically adjustable height for double stacking, our straddles offer versatile, reliable and economical performance even when throughout levels are low.

Three-point wheel configuration gives excellent maneuverability both indoors and out for safer loading and fewer lifts, while the lightweight design eliminates the need for costly reinforcement of ground surfaces.


Combining the heft of a counterbalanced forklift with the convenience of a side loader and the finesse of an aisle truck, Combilift’s multi-tasking technology delivers a fresh and exceptionally safe approach to handling the long, heavy and sometimes hazardous loads encountered by metals manufacturers.

Working seamlessly from indoors to outside, Combilift reduces overall handling, increases storage density and streamlines the handling process for superior cost-efficiency.


Combilift’s guided aisle solution is the ideal way to achieve maximum storage capacity in the available space. The guided aisles are designed by the warehouse design team to meet your specifications and a variety of racking can be incorporated to suit your needs.

The combination of guide rails fitted to aisles and rollers on the trucks offer the advantages of quicker access and travel down the aisles. Once in the guided aisle, the trucks ‘self-steer’, enabling quicker and easier stock location while greatly reducing the risk of damage to stock and racking.


Combilift’s wide ranging and varied product range assists companies around the world to achieve safer, space saving and more productive materials handling. Whether you handle long and awkward loads, pallets, containers, extremely oversized products or a combination of these, there is a Combilift to fit the bill.



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