Equipment Categories


Equipment Categories


Motrec MC-270

Motrec MC-360

Motrec MC-480

Motrec MC-660

Motrec MP-120

Motrec MP-240

Motrec MP-250

Motrec MP-300

Motrec MP-420

Motrec MP-500

Motrec MP-880

Motrec MS-260

Service & Offerings with Motrec Vehicles

As an official Motrec dealer, Gregory Poole is stocked with a wide selection of new and used Motrec electric industrial vehicles. Our highly-trained, highly-motived staff knows the ins and outs of tow tractors, burden carriers, personnel carriers, and stock chasers. We are here to provide expert maintenance service, as well as the genuine Motrec parts needed to maximize the life of your vehicle.

Technology & Features

Motrec’s innovative lineup of industrial vehicles is electric and built to last with minimal maintenance thanks to high-quality components and all-steel construction. Modular designs allow for multiple configurations to pull double or triple duty loads—plus the ability to customize for various jobs. At Gregory Poole, we are committed to providing custom solutions to fit your industrial vehicle needs.