S40-50CT2 Hyster

  • Made to work hard, but smart, the CT2 series is designed to give you power over an excellent balance of fuel consumption and productivity. Hyster® Variable Power Technology™ provides two selectable performance modes, one to achieve a balance of enhanced performance and superior fuel economy, the other to help maximize productivity during peak business periods.
  • With its well-balanced powertrain which combines our electronically controlled powershift transmission and a PSI 2.4L efficient engine, you’ll experience fuel cost savings – in a documented industry standard test cycle the CT2 series used up to 14% less fuel than the leading competitors. Hyster stands behind this rugged design with a 3-year, 6,000 hour powertrain warranty.other to help maximize productivity during peak business periods.
  • The CT2 series is available in a 5,000 lb. capacity model and a special 4,000 lb. capacity model. This special 4,000 lb. model, when combined with a number of custom designed options such as the “trucker’s mast,” becomes ideal for crossdocking applications in the trucking and freight industries. No matter which capacity you choose – no matter what your application – you can count on the dependability of the CT2 series to help keep your productivity high.
  • Designed with your operator in mind, the operator compartment has a low step height of only 13.6 inches, enabling easy operator ingress and egress, thereby helping reduce fatigue and increase productivity. The infinitely adjustable tilting steer column and non-cinching seatbelt are designed to help all operators be more productive.
  • Operator comfort is essential, and driving in reverse is no exception. The Hyster cushion CT2 series has been purposely designed with a low profile counterweight and LP Tank mounting which lessens operator fatigue in operations which require significant rearward travel.
  • When you choose the CT2 series lift truck, you get the same proven and durable components that you’ve come to expect from Hyster. Sealed electrical connectors, O-ring face seal fittings, canted load rollers and tapered-roller king-pin bearings in the steer axle are all standard on this CT2 series.
  • A wide hood opening, combined with a no-tools removable floor plate, allows cowl-to-counterweight access for easy access to serviceable components. Fewer daily service checks and long hydraulic and coolant service intervals can mean increased uptime for your operation.
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking
  • Environment: Indoors, Outdoors
  • Power Source: LP
  • Capacity: 4,000 - 5,000 lbs
  • Max Load Height: 199
  • Max Load Weight: 5000 lbs
Equipment Type
Compact Internal Combustion Engine / Forklifts