Cobra Heavy Duty Legless Stacker TASK Forklifts

The COBRA® is supplied with a 510AH industrial battery. This allows operators multiple shift use before needing to recharged the unit using 110v single phase charger.

All the functions including lift and lower are controlled using Task’s VTC (Variable Total Control) module. This provides users with absolute control when operating the COBRA®.

  • 4,400 lbs. Capacity
  • Up to 177″ Lift Height
  • Proportional Controls
  • Power Steering
  • Integrated Tilting Mast
  • Side Shift as Standard

Powerful Legless Stacker.

The COBRA® Heavy Duty Legless stacker is available in capacities up to 4400 lbs, making the COBRA® Legless® stacker a true 2 ton unit.

The electronic power steering makes the COBRA® simple and easy to operate; the recommended three stage “full free lift” mast is an ideal solution for users working within tight height restrictions.

The unit comes as standard with a tilting mast and side-shift allowing operators to manoeuvre pallets and materials safely, and more efficiently.

Equipment Type
Legless Stackers / Specialty Forklifts