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When to Use a Pallet Stacker
The main benefits of pallet stackers include:

Cost savings. If you don’t need all the power that a forklift offers, pallet stackers can be significantly more affordable to help your bottom line.
Maneuverability. Pallet stackers make up for their limited lifting capacity with impressive maneuverability for hard-to-reach indoor locations. They can squeeze into tight spots and won’t take up much room when it’s time to store or charge them.
Easy-to-use electric design. Electrically powered machinery might need to spend time charging but is safer to run indoors and more eco-friendly. Plus, many models don’t need special outlets and can run off your typical 110-volt wall outlet.

Keep in mind that most stacker models are walk-behind pallet stackers, also called walkie stackers, so it’s best to use them for shorter distances. A stacker also doesn’t have a high capacity, so you may want to select a different equipment option when you work with heavy loads.
Pallet Stacker Models
At Gregory Poole, we carry a range of electric pallet stackers for sale from Hyster® and Yale®, two brands known for their reliability and performance.
Hyster pallet stackers are durable and robust, built with robotically-welded components. They are excellent for harsh indoor usage and a variety of loading and unloading applications up to a 4,000-pound capacity. The controls are designed for maximum ease of use and feature three performance modes to better serve the task at hand. Hyster pallet stackers also have a creep feature and on- or off-vehicle diagnostic tools.
The designers at Yale focus on product innovations that offer clear benefits to the operators. They’ve created pallet stackers with an ergonomic design, so workers can be more productive and experience less fatigue. These stackers have a bottom-mounted tiller handle design for easy steering, hydraulic control levers and an auto deceleration system. On-board diagnostics make it easy to watch the status of your equipment.

Like the Hyster options, Yale pallet stackers are well-suited for an array of indoor applications. They also have three performance modes and an energy-efficient design that can help you maintain a greener warehouse and lower your fuel consumption.
Pallet Stackers From Gregory Poole Lift Systems
If you’re searching for motorized pallet stackers for sale, the experts at Gregory Poole can help. We’ll work with you to identify the right model for your business needs and ensure it continues to work for you long after the transaction is finished with our unparalleled customer service. Browse our selection or reach out today if you have any questions.