Modular Cleanrooms, Wall Systems & Portable Clean Rooms






Modular Cleanrooms, Wall Systems & Portable Clean Rooms

Pre-engineered Modular Cleanrooms and Cleanroom Wall Systems from Starrco lead the industry in cleanroom wall systems that are pre-engineered buildings, manufactured specifically for your application. Starrco modular portable clean rooms will provide you with the most cost-effective cleanroom environment construction.

Quality Materials Engineered to Exacting Standards

Each modular project begins with a careful needs assessment. The portable clean room wall system is then designed and engineered to specifically fit your application. All of our components are manufactured to our precise standards, labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make on-site installation quick and convenient. Our quality packaging minimizes shipping damage and the resulting delays. From initial design to finished installation, Starrco can ensure that your modular project runs smoothly.

All studs in Starrco portable clean rooms accommodate quick and easy vertical installation of electrical, data transmission and communication lines in raceways accessible from a removable cover plate.


What is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is any controlled environment where the air is filtered to remove finite particles and contaminants from the room. A modular cleanroom relies on prefabricated components to deliver an environment that meets even the strictest cleanroom classification requirements. Modular cleanrooms offer the same benefits of a traditional cleanroom but are faster and more affordable to install, and are easily reconfigured or expanded to meet your facility’s changing needs.

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