Protect your work space from collision damage with steel pipe bollards

Sturdy and functional, protect your work space inside and out from collision damage with steel pipe bollards. The no-nonsense solution for directing traffic and protecting your assets, our bollards absorb impact to increase safety and security in your facility. Use bollards to protect utilities, electronics, machinery, buildings, or pedestrians from accidental collisions. Our bollards work equally well for outdoor applications. Protect your loading dock and define perimeters for transport traffic. Either way, our security bollards will keep your workers and your equipment safe from damage.

A standard bollard is 4 ½” in diameter and welded to a 10” x 10” base plate. If heavy-duty protection is what you need, we also offer an over sized 6” diameter bollard welded to a 12” x 12” base plate for extra security. In stock and ready to ship, bollards are available in 3 standard heights. Custom heights are also available. All of our bollards are sealed in a durable, powder-coated yellow paint finish to stand up to your traffic.Bollards are made of 1/8” thick cylindrical steel welded to a base plate. Standard bollards are 4 ½” in diameter and welded to a 10” x 10” x ½” thick base plate with (4) 3/4” punched holes placed 1 ½” from the edge of each corner. Standard heights are 24”, 36” and 42”.

Over sized bollards are 6” in diameter and welded to a 12” x 12” x ½” thick base plate for heavy-duty protection. Standard height is 42”.

All bollards are finished with a durable, powder coated safety yellow paint and topped with a black plastic cap. Bolted to the floor using 5/8” x 4 ½” floor anchors

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