Warehouses and distribution centers continue to be one of the busiest facilities. With the continued increase in order fulfillment, lack of workforce, and shortage of available space; finding a solution to keep your operation moving can seem out of reach. Combilift has innovative solutions to keep you moving while keeping safety in the forefront.

Warehouse Planning and Forklift Safety

Any serious warehouse safety review should also consider a warehouse planning analysis for some simple reasons: there are improvements in visibility, materials handling processes and most of all driver fatigue to be found in looking at a warehouse as a ‘big picture’.

complimentary service using CAD design to find and show the capacity and ideal layout of your facility, a warehouse analysis will provide layout proposals, site inspection and diagrams to evidence where and how improvements can be made.

The free review includes racking layout proposals and storage density calculations to create the best possible performance from any warehouse and will show how to achieve results like the below and more in safer, smarter ways:

  • Direction of travel:Find out more about the clever Combilift approach that enables the operator to change the direction of travel by 90 degrees at the flick of a switch.
  • A workplace designed for older operators: Ask how better layout and easier vehicle access can reduce tiredness and injuries as well as make a workplace easier for older colleagues
  • Long loads…everywhere: You’ll discover how Combilift can maneuver even long loads down narrow aisles, through standard doorways and around obstacles with ease, enabling racking to be placed closer together, reducing the amount of operational space required.

Combilift has exported over 60,000 lift trucks to more than 85 countries since it was founded in 1998, and they continue to be the fastest growing manufacturer of lift equipment in the world. An industry leading manufacturer of innovative lift equipment, Combilift specializes in multi-directional lift trucks that can safely handle long loads. No other manufacturer delivers the amount of customization and adaptability in lift equipment for the customer than Combilift.


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