GC040-050LX2 Yale

  • The GC-LX2 is the lift truck that works smarter and harder. This truck is designed to be a great value, getting the job done without breaking the bank – in a documented industry standard test cycle the GC-LX2 series used up to 14% less fuel than the leading competitors.
  • The LX2 series is engineered for agility. Every truck is built with an electronically controlled powershift transmission for smooth direction changes, and we’ve designed the truck to be compact and easier to maneuver, so it’s as agile in tight spaces as it is in open ones.
  • The low counterweight and the dropped LPG tank are intentionally designed to help enhance rearward visibility, providing nearly 40% more rearward visibility than the competition.
  • The optional integral sideshifter allows the load to be optimally positioned, and the responsive, operator-selectable electronically controlled inching adjustments give the driver better control over load positioning.
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking
  • Environment: Indoors, Outdoors
  • Power Source: LP
  • Capacity: 4000-5000 lbs
  • Max Load Height: 170
  • Max Load Weight: 5000 lbs
A lift truck that works smarter and harder
Equipment Type
Forklifts / Internal Combustion Engine