Hyster Hydrogen Powered Forklift

E-commerce sales grew 44% in 2020, and it is projected that over 25% of all retail sales will be online by 2024. Logistics operations are under pressure to meet demand for broad selection and fast delivery while controlling costs. The warehouse is key to boosting efficiency and supporting greater speed and selection while keeping costs in check. Changing the power source on electric lift trucks can equip e-commerce warehouses to meet benchmarks for productivity and inventory selection while keeping costs in check.

Large online retailers often operate multiple regional warehouses and fulfillment centers that rely on a fleet of lead-acid battery-powered lift trucks, which can experience high levels of downtime during battery charging and reduced productivity as batteries degrade over time. Our Gregory Poole Lift Systems team can evaluate your warehouse’s power needs and recommend a more efficient solution, such as hydrogen fuel cells, which can offer increased productivity without the drawbacks of traditional power sources.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Advantage

Hydrogen fuel cells can be refueled in as little as three to five minutes, eliminating power degradation and enabling lift trucks to operate at full power until depletion. Fuel cells can be retrofitted into existing lift trucks and require minimal scheduled downtime, allowing for high truck utilization. Though they require limited periodic maintenance, fuel cells can be serviced by our service team that performs regular lift truck maintenance, minimizing operational disruption.

A warehouse can save space and simplify its operations by transitioning to hydrogen fuel cells for its lift trucks. Currently, lead-acid batteries require a designated area that takes up about 5,000 sq ft of floor space, while hydrogen fueling dispensers each the size of a standard gasoline pump only occupy minimal indoor space. By switching to fuel cells, the warehouse can eliminate the need for a large battery charging and storage area and open up indoor space for additional racking and SKUs.

Contact us today for an evaluation of your lift truck power needs by one of our Gregory Poole Lift Systems specialists. We are here to help you make the best choice with your lift truck needs.

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