The Guide to Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts operate on battery-powered motors. While they perform the same industrial tasks as gas-powered models, they differ from traditional forklifts and offer other benefits. If you come across electric forklifts for sale, it’s important to consider their capabilities, how they can benefit your business and how to operate them safely. We created a guide…

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Forklift Buying Guide

Many different types of businesses need heavy equipment to help with everyday tasks. Whether you work in warehousing, construction, storage, assembly, shipping or manufacturing, this equipment can save your employees time and move your operations along quickly. Forklifts are a versatile, durable type of machine that allow operators to reach high shelves, carry heavy loads…

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Forklift?

As a construction or material handling professional, you need a forklift you can rely on to run a successful business. This equipment plays a valuable role in getting the job done safely and efficiently. Still, even the best-maintained fleet eventually needs a refresh, so you need to know when to replace an old forklift with…

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Should I Buy or Rent a Forklift?

Should I Buy or Rent a Forklift?

Forklifts are essential machines for many industries, but whether you should rent or buy a lift truck can depend on a few different factors. Learning about the benefits of renting and buying can help you find the right direction for your operation. What to Consider The question of whether to rent or buy often depends…

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How to Become a Certified Forklift Operator

  How to Become a Certified Forklift Operator Forklifts are essential machines in many work environments, like warehouses and construction sites. While using them can make a team more efficient, safety should always be your first priority. Forklift operator training gives you the certification you need for compliance and workplace safety. OSHA Requirements for Forklift…

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new vs. used forklifts

New vs. Used Forklifts

When you’re looking to expand your fleet of forklifts, you’ll have the choice to purchase used or new equipment. Both of these options have various benefits that make them an attractive choice for companies. When you buy new or used forklifts, you’ll want to be aware of their advantages so you can make the best…

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guide to pallet jacks

The Complete Guide to Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are an essential tool found in warehouses, manufacturing plants, loading docks and other industrial settings. These versatile, wheeled devices can lift and transport heavy palletized loads. To help you decide if a pallet jack is a suitable tool for your material handling needs, we provide a comprehensive guide to pallet jacks, complete with…

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forklift maintenance tips

Forklift Maintenance Tips

Forklift maintenance is essential to ensure the reliable performance of your equipment. By conducting daily inspections before each operator’s shift and periodic in-depth maintenance, your forklift can last many years and provide dependable service. If forklifts are neglected, minor issues can become significant, expensive problems that require extended downtime to repair. Neglected forklifts can also jeopardize…

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Reach truck vs. forklift

Reach Trucks vs. Forklifts

Forklifts and reach trucks are everywhere in manufacturing and warehousing environments. When you need new equipment, you may want to clarify the difference between a forklift and a reach truck. While their usage overlaps, each vehicle has some distinct features that make it more suitable for specific tasks. For example, either vehicle could lift a…

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Forklift capacity

How Much Forklift Capacity Do You Need?

When selecting lift vehicles, you will notice they list a weight capacity. But you must pay attention to more than just the weight capacity of a forklift to determine how much it can safely lift. Discover what role the load center plays in lifting capacity and how to calculate the amount your forklift can safely…

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Common forklift problems

Forklift Repair Troubleshooting

Forklifts play many roles in a variety of industries, the most important of which is transporting materials and products quickly and efficiently. While modern forklifts are sturdy and durable, their many moving components and frequent use mean they will eventually need to be repaired. In this guide, we’ll talk about the most common forklift problems and how…

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Electric vs internal combustion forklifts

Electric vs. Internal Combustion Forklifts

If you’re in the market for forklifts, you may want to learn more about the differences between internal combustion and electric forklifts. Before you invest, a gas vs. electric forklift comparison can help you discover which type of forklift is best for your needs. Internal Combustion vs. Electric Forklifts Your primary forklift options can be categorized into…

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